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Innovation for a better solution

2006-2007: Water wing concept

Conceptual phase. Wave tank testing of water wing fixed to the sea bed. Power take-off by hydraulic system with generator on shore. Conclusion: The water wing concept is feasible, but the seabed foundation cost is 50% of the total installation cost. Sea bed foundation is not compliant with mass production and will give strong limitations to installation sites.

2008-2009: Offshore engineering

Floating wave power solution developed in cooperation with Norwegian offshore industry. Compact hydraulic-electric power take-off inside the floating structure. New wave tank testing. Concept patented. Conclusion: Reduced efficiency due to floating installation, but the overall cost pr. kW is lower. Installation time and maintenance is reduced.

2010-2011: Generator system

Direct driven electric generator system developed and patented. The new solution has higher efficiency, is more durable and compact. Design for efficient production by local shipyards. New wave tank testing documents stability and energy production.

2012-2013: Industrialization

Streamlined design for mass production in cooperation with Spanish industry within automotive and renewable energy. New design purely based on standard components and proven solutions.