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Langlee Technology

The 132 kW Langlee Robusto™ is a semi-submersible floating installation meassuring 30x50 metres. It is floating at the water surface but most of the unit is under water, not visible from shore. The four mooring lines keeps it in position. Normal installation site is at 40-100 meter water depth.

The Langlee technology utilizes the horizontal wave movement which is more powerful and esasier to catch than the vertical wave movements. The two water wings swing back and forth with the waves and are directly connected to generators that converts the wave energy directly to electricity. The power electrionics ensures compliance with grid standards, and the Robusto™ is connected to the onshore grid by a subsea cable.



The 132 kW Robusto™ is designed according to proven offshore technology and DNV (Det Norske Veritas) standards. The material is standard offshore steel with Jotun anti-corrosion / anti-fouling surface treatment.

The structure and mooring is designed for the most extreme situations, and tested in wave tank under the toughest conditions. In the unlikely event of an accident, there is no oil or toxic material that can pollute the environment.

Each installation will be given clear naval markings according to standards.

The 132kW Robusto™ is purely using on standard, field proven components. This has reduced cost and maintenance. The Robusto™ has a 5 year maintenance program, and a full overhaul every 20 years.

The power system has three separate modules, which can be replaced offshore, on site. By deballasting the steel structure, the modules are brought to the surface for replacement. Within a day, the Robusto™ is back in service.

The old modules are taken back to shore for service, making them ready for 5 new years of operation, on an other Robusto™.




The Langlee team has worked to design a high effective, low cost wave power converter. Using standard steel pipes, the fabrication is a simple cut-and weld operation that can be done by local shipyards. Based on offshore technology and field proven components the maintenance program is pre-defined.

The Robusto absorbs waves in a 60° sector. In the Canary Island, 90% of the waves come from N-NE, making the Robusto highly effective. Documented by wave tank testing, the 132 kW Robusto will give 4400 operating hours pr. year.

The result is the 132 kW Robusto with 4400 operating hours pr. year – at a cost competitive to wind power.


Clean Energy

Containing no toxic, no risk of oil spill, and leaving no seabed footprint, the Robusto will not harm the sea life. Studies has indicated that the intallation will attract fish and become an artificual habitat for wildlife.

From shore the wave power park will not have any visual impact, it will not create any noise and it will not take any land area.