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ITC, Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias and Langlee Wave Power signes agreement for developing wave power in the Canary Islands.

Recently, Francisca Luengo, Canarian Minister of Industry and President of ITC, and Julius Espedal, founder and CEO of Langlee Wave Power met to discuss common development of wave power in the Canary islands. They signed an agreement which could be the first step towards making Canary Islands the pioneer in wave power industry.

The Canarian Government has high ambitions for wave power to reduce cost of energy and reduce fossile emission. ITC has done an analysis of different wave power technologies and concluded that Langlee is the best technology for the Canary Islands, because it has no environmental impact, no visual impact, and does not take up valuable land space. ITC is a public enterprise to support the implementation and deployment of R&D projects in the region.

To achieve the targets of the Canarian government, Langlee Wave Power together with local industry has created a plan for local fabrication of wave power units, which could create hudreds of jobs locally. Being the pioneer in this new industry could grow an important export industry and mark Canary Islands world-wide as the "Wave Power Islands"

High energy demand, good wave resources and a strong offshore industry, are the reasons why Langlee selected Canary Islands as its primary market. Last year, with support from Proexca and Invest in Spain, Langlee established a subsidiary in Las Palmas and has now two engineers working with potential customers and a local supplyers.

The planned Langlee projects will replace diesel-generated electricity. Even the pilot installation will compete commercially with the expensive diesel-electricity. In comercial parks, Langlee will produce electricity competitive wind power.