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Langlee engages IDOM for industrializing its generator system

The Spanish engineering company IDOM has been choosen for detail engineering of the Langlee generator system, to continue the concept studies by the Norwegian companies NEBB and Scana.

NEBB and Scana both have a long track record within offshore engineering, NEBB within subsea electro and control systems, Scana is specialized in bearings and gasket solutions offshore. IDOM is working in the field of energy, infrastructures, architectures and consultancy with more than 2,500 employees, and offices in 16 countries over 5 continents.

In October 2012, the Norwegian offshore engineers completed the concept study of the generator system for the 100 kW wave energy converter, named Langlee Robusto.

IDOM was engaged for detail engineering and industrialization of the Robusto. The new version of the generator system and power electronics, is purely based on standard components and proven solutions, and prepared for volume production.

«The Robusto looks very similar to what we presented some months ago», says Julius Espedal, founder and CEO of Langlee Wave Power, «but the whole design is much simpler. In every detail it is prepared for efficient fabrication and easy maintenance. Using industrial standards will not only allow access to a wider range of  suppliers and reduced cost, it will give product warrenty and a maintenance program.»

The system combines existing technology in a new way. The invention has been accepted by PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) for international patents.

Langlee is focusing on the Canary Islands as its first market due to stabile wave resources, local shipyards, high alternative energy cost and good local support. Its office in Las Palmas, Langlee has two engineers, and plans for expansion.

«To do engineering locally in Spain was a natural step for us as we see this as our first market,» Espedal explains. «Spain has an industrial culture for volume production from energy and automotive industry, This know-how is vital to make wave power commercial. By combining Norwegian offshore technology with Spanish industrialization we can deliver safe wave power in high volume at a cost competitive to other energy sources.»

Within the next two months, fabrication and testing of the complete generator system will begin, before the complete wave power generator is installed later this year.