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Langlee participates in the III International Marine Event (FIMAR)

In the event that took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the 8-10th of March 2013, Simone Meme and Jose Luis Roger, as representatives of Langlee, gave a quick overview of Langlee to the attendees and media.

Mr. Roger stated, “The marine energy in the Canaries is a high energy resource. From a theoretical analysis it is possible to see that the wave energy potential of the northern coast of Gran Canaria, would cover half of the archipelagos energy demand”. Mr. Meme also affirmed that “Langlee will enhance the local industry and create skilled workforce”, as Langlee is finishing to close deals with local partners to build the generators.

The Langlee Robusto prototype will be tested in PLOCAN late this year.

Mr. Cardona, the mayor of Las Palmas de G.C, highlighted the potential economic activity growth and high job capacity creation in the sector. FIMAR is an event that allows the marine sector of the islands to show its commercial offer, and the opportunity to generate business around the sea.

Mr. Meme closed its intervention declaring that” Langlee is a very viable technology that will surely succeed”.


Video (in spanish): extract from TV Canarias.